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“Well done! Your consultations with us these past several years have really opened our eyes to the "correct" way to price jobs, create budgets and run our business efficiently. Your concepts, techniques and industry insights have been immeasurable. The audio CDs for How to Price Landscape & Irrigation Projects provide a clear cut overview to all you have taught us.”

John Dellafiora
President - Pacific Lawn Sprinklers, Inc.

“Jim Huston’s book How to Price Landscape and Irrigation Projects is a MUST HAVE for anyone who is serious about success in the landscape and irrigation business. Our business has benefited from utilizing many of Jim’s principles of estimating since 1990. Each chapter of the book adds another layer of valuable information in an easy to understand format. The information is usable and allows you to take action NOW. It is a fantastic reference for developing an estimating system to be the hub of a wheel that you can drive to accomplish business success and create a prosperous future.”

Dan Foley, CLP
President - D. Foley Landscape, Inc.
Walpole, Massachusetts

Whether you’re new to the industry or are a seasoned veteran, Jim Huston’s new book How to Price Landscape and Irrigation Projects will immediately be of benefit to you.

“Jim has complied all of the necessary information for you to price landscape and irrigation work successfully and has done so in a manner that anyone can understand and apply. Using a combination of science and common sense, he presents methods and technology, which are proven and fool proof.

“Jim gives step-by-step procedures for bidding from calculating direct costs, to properly considering company overhead and adding profit. He gives insight on how to scope out your competition, and figuring your break-even point so you don’t buy a job for the experience and end up losing money. These skills transcend the industry and can serve any construction enterprise or service industry.

“With over 40 year’s experience behind me, I’ve seen a lot of authors attempt to do what Jim has accomplished with this book. If you are in business or are contemplating making that first step… Jim’s book is required reading.”

Rick Randall
President - Randall & Blake, Inc.
Littleton, Colorado

“Jim Huston's new book expands on what was already the most comprehensive book available on landscape and irrigation estimating. Jim's in-depth knowledge of the landscape and irrigation business from the ground to the corporate board room make his new book a must have reference for every landscape and irrigation contractor.”

Bob Dobson
President - Middletown Sprinkler
Port Monmouth, New Jersey

“Jim Huston's latest volume is a must purchase for landscape and irrigation contractors. Companies, no matter how large or small, can now find pertinent, easy to use, information in one source. The business and pricing practices that Mr. Huston explains are the key to working on your business instead of in your business. If you buy one business resource book this year, make this the one.”

Jay Tripathi, CLP
President - Gardenworks, Inc.
Geyserville, California

“Jim Huston has made a major difference in the success of Erickson Landscaping over many years. He has helped us implement values, principles, and systems that have contributed to that success. I look forward to spending time with Jim each year as he visits our company and reviews financials, budgets, and strategies for the up coming year. I not only respect Jim for what he has done for our company but consider him to be a very good friend.”

Ron Tatton
President - Erickson’s Landscaping, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

“I thought your audio CD's for How to Price Landscape & Irrigation Projects were outstanding! The Q & A format was easy to follow and understand. You did a great job of highlighting the key points of your new book.”

Dave Rykbost
President - Dave’s Landscape, Inc.
Hudson, Massachusetts